Each product begins with Altec Engineers. From customer interaction and new product design to the implementation of manufacturing processes, Altec Engineers are leading the industry. Product development, applications and manufacturing engineering opportunities are available nationwide. Engineers make a difference at Altec—as well as play a major role in the lives of our customers who are responsible for keeping the lights on, trees trimmed, and televisions working.

Here’s a glimpse of the engineering possibilities:

Product Engineering

  • Next generation product concept and design
  • Utilize product creation process to develop and test new structural, electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Build prototypes
  • Conduct product and field testing
  • Customer service and interaction

Applications Engineering

  • Design final product to customer specification
  • Create custom designs for unique applications
  • Design structural and mechanical components
  • Develop electrical and hydraulic systems

Designers/Applications Engineering Technologists

  • Custom designs, drawings, schematics, weight studies
  • Analyze customer’s technical requirements and determine appropriate solution
  • Participate as engineering support for troubleshooting on the production floor

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Implement lean manufacturing principles to drive production improvements
  • Facilitate state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
  • Lead Kaizen events and improve cost equation
  • Interact with daily operations

Quality Engineering

  • Represent voice of the customer
  • Drive continuous improvement through root cause analysis
  • Conduct application reviews with suppliers
  • Interact with daily operations

Controls Engineering

  • Design, integrate, test and deploy embedded control systems
  • Optimize design for manufacturability
  • Implement and design Green technology
  • Support manufacture, sale and service of products

Composites Engineering

  • Apply composite materials and technology to create a competitive advantage
  • Coordinate product development, design and manufacturing
  • Define test parameters to evaluate composites and polymer systems


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering


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