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Body Building Since 1929

Innovation is evident in Altec’s Bodies Division. A truck-mounted body – whether it is a service, utility, or tree care body – is only as good as the sum of its parts. That’s why Altec puts more time, resources, engineering and expertise into developing Bodies than any other manufacturer in the industry. From design to fabrication, Altec is building the highest quality, most dependable bodies to meet customer demands.

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Customize Your Body

Make your truck work for you.

Does your body not fit the “mold”? Altec Bodies are created just for you. Unlike the competition, Altec Bodies are made to your exact specifications. There’s no ordering from a catalog or production from a standard mold. Not only will we customize your design, a wide selection of external and internal options allows you to create the most efficient and productive body for your job.


Altec Bodies


Altec Green Fleet

Sustainable Solutions for your Bodies: Altec Aluminum.
Find out how you can save fuel and increase payload.


Altec BodiesAltec Bodies

Our Truck Bodies Are Covered.

Altec ProTEC

Altec is committed to building products that last. That’s why you never have to worry. Our state-of-the-art Altec ProTEC electro-coating prime paint system provides a level of protection that rivals that of the U.S. auto industry. And, if color is your choice, the Altec Clear Coat paint option locks in color and protects your body from the elements. Innovative assembly processes and fully automated systems ensure accuracy and efficiency, making Altec Bodies consistently dependable.

Made in America


Altec Service Body

Service Bodies

Altec’s durable Service Bodies give you the same award-winning quality and customer service of all Altec equipment. Versatile, rugged, and customizable, Altec Service Bodies are built under a name you trust with state-of-the-art engineering and processes, so you can get any job done.


Altec Forestry Body

Forestry Bodies

We know how important a hardworking, user-friendly forestry body is. That’s why we’ve created the most innovative body serving the tree care industry.

The Altec AF Series boasts a multitude of features and benefits:

  • NEW! Standard curbside ladder box/secure pole pruner storage.
  • Handling capacity up to 27.6-cubic yards and available in lengths up to 16 feet.
  • Secure, user-friendly hoist safety prop lever.
  • Integrated locking system anchors all doors at eight points with one easy operation, making it the most secure in the industry.
  • Altec’s ProTEC® superior corrosion-protection paint system.
  • Durable rust-resistant galvanneal steel and double-paneled galvanneal steel tailgate.
  • LED light package.
  • Backup alarm.
  • 6-year warranty.


Altec Utility Body Line

Utility Line Series

Our Experience is Your Solution. As the industry leader in Utility Line Bodies, Altec knows the demands our customers face. For more than 80 years, Altec has engineered and produced quality, durable and innovative Utility Line Bodies to meet your needs in the equipment you trust.


Altec Aluminum

“Consumers can get a 5 to 7 percent vehicle gas mileage increase for every 10 percent weight reduction by substituting high-strength, low-weight auto aluminum for heavier steel.” —The Aluminum Association


Altec Bodies Go Green

  • Aluminum is up to 45% lighter than steel and about 15% lighter than fiberglass.
  • Lighter weight results in an approximate 9% fuel savings and reduced tire, suspension, and brake maintenance.
  • Aluminum increases payload.
  • Altec Aluminum Bodies are strong and corrosion-resistant, increasing the lifespan and resale value.
  • Seamless design easily accepts a variety of paint finishes.
  • Aluminum offers a choice to step down to a decreased
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) chassis.
  • It’s Green. Aluminum retains a high value and can be recycled almost indefinitely.



  • Aluminum is offered on standard service bodies, utility line bodies, flatbeds, enclosed service bodies, and accessories.
  • All Aluminum Bodies are MIG and TIG-certified welded (built by certified welders).
  • All Altec Bodies have surpassed a simulated 10-year road test.
  • Altec Aluminum Bodies are made of 65% recycled material.


For more information, contact Altec at 1-800-958-2555 or email