Boom Truck Cranes

Advanced engineering and rigorous testing make Altec telescopic boom truck cranes top in their class. Altec cranes feature superior safety benefits and display Altec’s dedication to provide customers value through crane safety, productivity and regulation compliance.

To find out more about our individual models and request a quote, please select from the list below:

ModelLoad RatingBoom LengthBoom Sections
AC18-70B18 t70 ft3 Sections
AC18-70B-HL18 t70 ft3 Sections
AC18-70R-HL18 t70 ft3 Sections
AC23-95B23 t95 ft4 Sections
AC23-95R23 t95 ft4 Sections
AC23-95S23 t95 ft4 Sections
AC26-103B26 t103 ft4 Sections
AC26-103R26 t103 ft4 Sections
AC26-103S26 t103 ft4 Sections
AC28-103B28 t103 ft4 Sections
AC30-103S30 t103 ft4 Sections
AC35-127S35 t127 ft5 Sections
AC38-103S38 t103 ft4 Sections
AC38-103S-XHL38 t103 ft4 Sections
AC38-127S38 t127 ft5 Sections
AC38-127S-HL38 t127 ft5 Sections
AC38-127S-HL GT450038 t127 ft5 Sections
AC38-127S-L38 t127 ft5 Sections
AC40-152S40 t152 ft6 Sections
AC45-127S45 t127 ft5 Sections

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