Altec Digger Derricks

Altec Digger Derricks

Whether you need a small backyard derrick for tight spaces or a larger transmission derrick to dig and set poles, Altec has the equipment you need to get the job done. With sheave heights up to 79.8 ft and winch capacities up to 30,000 lbs, Altec's Digger Derricks are available in a multitude of configurations. For more information, select the model that fits your application or specifications.

Model Sheave Height 10' Capacity* Digger Reach
D2045B 45.4 ft 15,000 lb 25.3 ft
D2050B 50 ft 14,747 lb 28.5 ft
D2055B 54.9 ft 13,978 lb 33.5 ft
D3050B 49.6 ft 15,479 lb 28.5 ft
D3055B 54.4 ft 15,000 lb 33.5 ft
D3060B 59.5 ft 15,000 lb 35.2 ft
D4050B 49.6 ft 19,217 lb 28.5 ft
D4055B 54.5 ft 18,458 lb 33.5 ft
D4060B 59.2 ft 18,052 lb 35.2 ft
D4065B 64.9 ft 17,387 lb 38.9 ft
DB37 36.7 ft 2,850 lb 19.5 ft
DC45 44.4 ft 12,940 lb 24.8 ft
DC47 46.4 ft 11,570 lb 26.7 ft
DL42B 41.4 ft 10,250 lb 21.5 ft
DL45B 44.3 ft 9,820 lb 24.5 ft
DM45B 44.4 ft 12,940 lb 24.8 ft
DM47B 46.4 ft 12,430 lb 26.7 ft
DT80 79.8 ft 24,140 lb 36 ft

* Includes turret winch, pole guides, boom flares, no digger.

Altec Digger Derricks meet or exceed all applicable ANSI Standards as of the date of manufacture. Altec reserves the right to improve models and change specifications without notice or obligation.

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