Altec SENTRY® Program

Our commitment extends beyond the investments we make in designing and manufacturing equipment. Altec’s dedication to keeping crews safe on the job is what led us to provide the Altec SENTRY® Program – a unique computer-based training aid designed to help employers train and certify equipment operators on the safe and proper operation of Altec aerial devices and digger derricks.

Why do operators need training?

Recent studies conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have shown that the majority of fatalities on the job were direct results of: a lack of training; failure to follow proper safe work procedures; and non-compliance with existing OSHA, National Electric Code (NEC) or National Electric Safety Code (NESC) regulations. Employers looking to improve their training to comply with standards have had few options.

Altec respects the work you do and is committed to providing the support you need. The SENTRY® Programs are designed to allow you to provide training and meet the formal requirements of OSHA, ANSI and ASME.

These computer-based training (CBT) aids contain Altec recommendations and OSHA requirements for proper operation of Altec equipment. The CBT programs contain an onscreen quiz after each subject’s module and a final exam. Upon completion of the program, the trainee is issued a certificate signifying successful completion of the program for a particular type of equipment.

The advantages of this training are:

  • It meets requirements of standards.
  • Trainees interact with the program helping them retain the information.
  • Altec and the employer can maintain certification records.
  • It is a comprehensive training tool that can be completed whenever and wherever a computer is available.

Altec SENTRY® Programs are available in two formats:

Self-Directed Training Kits – include multiple-use programs installed on an individual computer that guide operators through the comprehensive training program at their own pace using CBT, workbooks and evaluation sheets.

Instructor-Led Programs – include computer-based training for the instructor to use in a classroom setting. Groups of operators are trained using workbooks, tests and evaluation sheets.

The Self-Directed Program outputs the operator’s identification data and the quiz and exam answers to a protected file. The Instructor-Led version allows the instructor to input participant data to a similarly protected file. These files are then e-mailed to Altec for the generation of a certificate and wallet card.

Altec is pleased to offer the Altec SENTRY® Program Training Service for users of Altec equipment. We are now able to offer delivery of five courses at the customer location. Additionally, Altec will offer these courses throughout the year at fixed locations.


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