Wood Chipper Device Training

The Altec Sentry Program is an OSHA and ANSI compliant training program on safe operating procedures. Prior to operating the chipper unit you must read, understand and follow the safety and operating procedures found in the unit’s manual, unit decals and other materials provided with the unit. In addition, studying this program carefully with an open mind for safety as it pertains to your individual job needs can prevent serious work related injuries and can ultimately save your life or the life of a co-worker. Upon successful completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate and wallet card.

Wood Chipper Device Training Outline

Training for this program consists of a 4-hour, 1/2-day class. The first 2 1/2 hours are classroom instruction with a 10-minute break each hour. The final 1 1/2 hours are hands-on training on an Altec wood chipper device.

The topics we will present in this program are:

  1. Safety Statements and OSHA Regulations
  2. Wood Chipper Daily Unit Inspection
  3. Traveling
  4. Job Briefing, PPE and brush preparation
  5. Unit Setup and Operation

In between each section, we will ask a few questions to see how well you understand the material. After the last topic, you will be tested on all of the information.

Each individual will be hands-on evaluated on the wood chipper device to demonstrate the concepts learned in the classroom instruction.

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