Effer Knuckle Boom Cranes from Altec

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With a lifting capacity ranging from 2 ton meters to 300 ton meters, Effer Knuckle Boom Cranes are a popular choice for construction, mining and marine industries and boast a power to weight ratio that is the best on the world market.

Effer cranes are all up to date with the newest safety technology available today. Some of these features include: radio remote control, overload & operator protection, manual & hydraulic swing up stabilizer legs and much more.

The design process incorporates the 50 years of experience to ensure the perfect balance between maximum performance, minimum weight and most importantly, operational safety. Effer has achieved something almost impossible: combine the lightness of its cranes with the unique power of their performances. Blending these two factors you have huge advantages:

  • Reducing structural weight without reducing strength = greater power available to handle the load;
  • Reducing structural weight = greater payload capacity on the truck;
  • Reducing structural weight = mounting of the crane even on smaller tucks

To ensure to performance of its cranes, Effer offers the following solutions:

  • Extensions come out in sequence
  • Use of the best Weldox steel
  • Design process with a background of 50 year history
  • Manufacturing process includes one piece boom sections with continuous inner and outer welding
  • Use of special materials for the manufacture of extension cylinders
  • Decagonal design for the second boom structure

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Popular Effer Models


Altec sells and supports the entire line of Effer Knuckle Boom Cranes. Contact us today for more details on additional models or to configure an articulating crane for your work requirements. Effer produces many different configurations to meet your specific needs.


Small Effer cranes cover the market segment of the lifting class from 2 to 10 txm and are a mix of power and performances for customers looking for an effective and easy-to-use product.


Medium Effer cranes have a lifting capacity between 10 and 30 txm and provide the possibility to create countless configurations according to your industry needs.


Large Effer cranes have a lifting capacity between 30 and 300 txm and are ideal for working with heavy loads in a safe and effective way.

Advanced Engineering

Integral Safety Features

Altec configures and installs Effer articulating cranes with safety in mind. We focus on integral safety features that help owners and operators comply with the most up-to-date OSHA articulating crane standards and provide safe work environments.

  • Outrigger boom interlocks
  • Load limiting device, many easy to operate systems available.
  • Anti-two block device (when equipped with winch)
  • Stabilizer controls at ground level
  • Safe ingress/egress to body and cargo area
  • Emergency stop at all controls (including remote)
  • Back up alarm
Effer Cranes

Important Features From Effer Cranes

Precise Movements

Many Effer cranes employ rotation with a ring gear. This allows you to have continuous rotation of the crane in both directions. This performance is not achievable through the rotation with rack and pinion.

Saving Weight, Increasing Strength

Many Effer cranes have used Weldox high strength steel since 2001. This steel allows Effer to have the best power to weight ratio in the industry. Effer forms the steel into an exclusive ten sides, and then welds continuously inside and outside of the boom section.

Operator in Complete Control

Almost every Effer throughout the line-up has a radio remote controller available. On many models it is a standard feature. Some models offer a digital readout on the controller, which helps the operator to know the lifting parameters available.

Unsurpassed Stability

Effer has engineered the first “V” stabilizer and Cross Stabilizer system for folding cranes. It’s no longer required to use a front bumper stabilizer for capacity over the truck cab. Effer also offers a high strength steel self-supporting subframe that is applied directly to the truck frame on some models.

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